Blueberry Liqueurs

Blueberry LiqueurBlueberry liqueur production process is derived from the family tradition and is performed entirely handmade. During the first phase flood fruits in the big glass jars and fruits macerate for 7 weeks in the sun. It makes all the best compounds and substances to be the part of our liqueurs and it gets its depth of flavor. In the final stage of production residues of maceration are carefully squeezed, filtered and bottled. Bottles with liquor are then aging in a dark, cool place.

Although our blueberry liqueur is quite a new product on the market, it has already gained the recognition of customers. It received an award during “Polish Food Producer 2013” competition in the category of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The liqueur collects also very good reviews on industry portals like Regional Liquors:

Blueberry Liqueur has a very special colour and flavor. Deep marron hue of this liquor confirms, that it’s made only from natural ingredients. Other aspects of liquor also confirms the uniqueness of this noble beverage. Aroma contains the typical notes of blueberry fruit – sweetness with a slight bitterness.